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Aces and League Results

Posted On: Friday, July 5, 2019

Dan O'Leary scores ace on Par 4

Aces and League Results

Dan O'Leary (centre) scored an ace on the par 4 15th hole at Stone Tree on July 4. With him are playing partners Keith Lefebrve, left, and John Chappell.

Hole-in-One Club
(Recent aces) 
July 4 - Dan O'Leary with a driver from 260 yards on the par 4  15th hole at Stone Tree. He was playing with Keith Lefebvre and John Chappell. It came during men’s league but only the front nine scores counted so no prize for his ace. However, Stone Tree head pro Bill Stewart gave him a hat for his outstanding shot.
July 4 - Bill Shewfelt on number 7 at Kincardine Golf Club.
June 14 - Rick Bennett with a 6 iron on Hole #8 at The Club at Westlinks. 

The Club at Westlinks

Men's Day:
June 4 - Low Gross: Graham Marr (+2), Kenny Kilday (+5), Rick Bennett (+6)
June 11 - Low Gross: Martin Kramer (+6), Gerry Beauregard (+8), Rick Bennett (+8)
June 18 - Low Gross: Martin Kramer (+1), Graham Marr (+7), Ed Bates (+8), Kenny Kilday (+8)
June 25 - Low Gross: Rick Bennett (+7), Kenny Kilday (+9), Ed Bates (+10)

Ladies Day:
June 6 - Low Gross: Linda Virgo, Sandy Sawyer, and Myra Smith. Longest Drive & Closest to the Pin: Linda Virgo
June 13 - Rained out
June 20 - Rained out
June 27 - Sandra Post Scramble: Jane Muir, Barb Cobean, Roseanne Cantin (+1)

Legacy Ridge
Men’s League

The '4th of July' came a day early for this week's winners: Birdie Boyz (345) who easily took down Stan’s Army (353) and edged past second place finishers The Steady Eddys (352). Steady Eddys nevertheless remain in first place in the Season Standings with a ten point lead over Stan’s Army. Weapons of Grass Destruction now trail the field by 39 points. 

Low Gross and Net Honours: Michael Todd shot 33 gross and Brent Keeling, Chad Currie and Steve Irving were one back at gross 34. In the Net department, Bob Kanduth led the way with Low Net 30 with Steve McCrae's Net 31 a close second.

Hole-in-One Watch: This week it is Dennis Biesiada who came closest to winning the 'the big prize"  getting his ball to 1' 9" from the pin on #2. Turns out his 'oh so close" brilliant effort is worth $9.14 (see below). The Hole in One prize is now close to $4000.

50/50 winner ($85): Jim Wilson

The Pins ($70 each): Hole 1 Shane Marcella 19'8", Hole 2 Dennis  Biesiada 1'9", Hole 3 Gary Henderson 25'2", Hole 6 Theo Peckham (Keg), Hole 7 Rob Matheson 19'7", Hole 8 Dave Cruickshank 7'1", Hole 9 Steve Coffey 25'.

The Skins: There were no skins in Flight +3 to 4 creating a $204 carryover to next week. In Flight 5 to 7  David Rowney and Jason Henry bagged one each with sole birdies on #3 and#4 worth $52.50 each. In Flight 8 to 10 Dave Cruickshank's 'deuce' on #2 and David Bedford's 3 on #9 earned them $49.50 each.

Deuce Pot: In Flight 5 to 7 David Rowney strikes again with a deuce on #8, an identical feat by Michael Rea means that each wll receive $35. In Flight 8 to 10 Dave Cruickshank claims the only deuce of the flight, receiving $32 for his two on #8. In Flight 11 to 20 there were no deuces made.

June 20th results:

Stan's Army (346) put the buzz saw to Steady Eddys (354) this week to take first place and the money.  A team is hard to beat that boasts both this week's low gross shooter, Steve Irving (34) and Low Net of the week Theo Peckham (31), an honour shared by Chris Little of the Roughneckers. Sam played the role of 'shotgun' for the Army with his sidekick gross 36

PIN MONEY ($77 each): LP #1- Peter Little (31' 4"),  CTH #2- Peter Morgan (0' 11"),  LP #4 D.J. Selkirk (28' 11"),  KEG #6- Peter Morgan,  LP #7- Ches Pietryszn (12' 8"), CTH #8- Wim Kruisselbrink (2' 3"),  LP#9- Zac Wiltzen (15' 6").  

50/50 Winner: Rocky Alviano

DEUCE POT:  In Flight 11 to 20, Terry Duncan 's 2 on #2 was worth $56.

Course superintendent Marc Brooks has done it again! Our amazing new patio has been followed up by a spanking new bridge over 'the troubled waters' of the 15th fairway. 

Seniors League
June 24 

The results of Monday Seniors have become cookie cutter: The Grip Rippers win the week.  Tough not to feel bad for No Mulligans; they played their you-know-what off and earned 225 Stableford points and lost by 5. 

Pin Winners ($28.57:

LPM #3 – Brian Murray – 13’ 6”

LPM #5 – Wally Murray – 29’ 8”

CTP #8 – Peter Hodgson – 3’ 9”

LPM #11 – Doug Cumming – 7’ 9”

CTP #12 – Steve McCrae – 1’ 6”

LPM #16 – Wally Murray – 7’ 8”

CTP #17 – Brian Murray – 4’ 0”

Need to know:

Mike McManus shot a gross 73 and had 43 Stableford points!  Mike Wins a free appetizer in the clubhouse. Please see Sam to collect your prize.  Speaking of FREE Appetizers, did you hear that if you download the Legacy Ridge App on your smartphone or tablet, you receive a free Appetizer?

If your last name is Murray, you cleaned up in the pins game!  Both Brian Murray and Wally Murray won two pins on Monday.

Near Ace; Steve McCrae was 1’6” away on #12 from a big bar bill in the clubhouse

Men’s Golf News
June 27
Finally, a nice sunny day with no rain, something we haven’t seen on Thursdays for the last few weeks.  And as a result, there was a great turnout of players who had been chomping at the bit to get out on the course.
In the A-flight, Hugh Morrison won First Low Gross on the 9-hole competition while Kenny Kilday won First Low Net with a net score of even par 35.  In the B-flight, Bruce McGregor shot 40 to win first Low Gross while Phil Hunt took First Low Net, also with a net 35.  In the C Flight, Jeff Doubt won First Low Gross with a round of 43, while Jim Norwood won First Low Net with a net score of 36.
In the D-flight, Bill Thomson had a great round, winning First Low Gross with a 48, while Harland Wake took First Low Net with a net 34.  Phil Hunt won the Closest to the Hole competition and Gary Jeffries sunk the Longest Putt.
In the B-flight, Tom Underwood won First Low Gross with a round of 88, while Fabian Libbus shot 91 and won Second Low Gross in the flight.  Gord Moore was third in the flight with a score of 94.  Paul Leader took First Low Net with a net score of 69, followed by Rod Chisholm with a net 70 and Barrie Robson with net 72.
Ron Wilson won the Closest to the Pin contest on the 13th hole, and Derryl Urstadt sunk the Longest Putt on the seventeenth hole.
The previous two Thursdays have been very wet in Southampton, as have some of the weekends.  The course has dried up nicely but for a couple of weeks, only the hardy got their Thursday Men’s golf round in.  Two of those who played in the rain on June 20 were Gary Jeffries who shot a 41 and won Low Gross for the day, and Paul Nugent who took Low Gross with a net 40.
Senior Men’s Golf News
The Senior Men at Southampton Golf and Country Club played an 18 hole competition July 2 and the scores are noticeably getting better as the year progresses.  For example, one of the regular steadiest players, Derryl Urstadt, won First Low Gross in the A-flight with a fine round of 78.  He was followed by Phil Hunt with an 83 who won Second Low Gross for his efforts, and Mike Pitzen, taking Third Low Gross with an 86.  Terry Bailey shot lights-out, easily winning First Low Net with a 5 under par net score of 67.  Larry Curtis and Kevin Dagnall tied for Second Low Net with net scores of 71.  

The rain has stayed away from the Senior Men’s day on Tuesdays, and so we continue to have a great weekly turnout.  On June 18, Derryl Urstadt, one of the steadiest players out there, shot 79 to win First Low Gross in the A-flight.  Gary Jeffries and Terry Bailey tied for Second Low Gross in the flight with scores of 90, while Phil Hunt and Hugh Morrison shared First Low Net with net scores of even par 72.
In the B-flight, Ron Wilson took First Low Gross with an even 100, one stroke ahead of Gord Moore who took Second Low Gross with a score of 101.  Jim Norwood won First Low Net with a net 78 followed by Kent Bergstrom with a net score of 84. Gord Moore won the Closest to the Pin competition on the fifth hole.
On June 25, in the A-flight, Mike Pitzen edged out Urstadt for First Low Gross with a score of 83, with Urstadt and Frank Yakabuski one stroke back with 84s. Kevin Dagnall won First Low Net with a net score of two under par 70, followed by Gary Jeffries with a net 74.  In the B-flight, Charlie Schmalz took First Low Gross with a 95, one stroke better than Fabian Libbus who took Second Low Gross with a 96.  Tom Underwood won First Low Net with a net score of 75, followed by Dave EZekials with a net round of 80.
In the C-flight, Rod Chisholm won First Low Gross with a sore of 88, followed by Bill Ferrie with a 95.  Paul Leader won First Low Net with a net score of 73, followed by Jim Norwood with a net 77.  Scott Powell won the Closest to the Pin competition on the 13th hole and Harland Wake sunk the Longest Putt on #17.

Men’s League

July 4
1st place went to Steve Bell
2nd place had a two-way tie between Garry Goessell and Scott Hogan

Everyone had "a drink on him" from Bill Shewfelt who sunk his first Hole in One on the 7th.  Congrats Bill!

June 27:

1st place was a 2-way tie
Noel Cleary
Mark Kaufman

2nd place was a 4-way tie
Rodger Campbell
Ken Ritz
Monty Walden
Dave Burrows

June 13th
Steve Bell and Peter Wolfe tied for first place and we had an unprecedented 8 way tie for 2nd between Ken Buckingham, Dennis Burrows, Rodger Campbell, Nute Catto, Darren Fritz, Sean Morris, Mark Neyvatte and Blaine Sutter.

Men’s Night Results: Thursday, July 4, 2019
This Week’s Sponsor: Bistecca

A Flight Winners
1st: Jon Thompson 32.2 $31.50
2nd: Dana Murray 35.2 $26.75
3rd: Jeramey Dinsmore 36.1 $21.00
4th: Steve Morrison 36.4 $15.75
5th: Mark Smith 36.5 $10.50

A Flight Skins Winners
Jarrett Johns 2 on 12 $40.00
Derek Regier 2 on 17 $40.00

B Flight Winners
T1st: Dennis Schmidt 34.3 $23.35
George Coulter 34.3 $23.35
3rd: Ken Bellan 34.5 $17.00
4th: Keegan Newsham 34.8 $12.75
5th: Mike Meraw 35.8 $8.50

B Flight Skins Winners
Keegan Newsham 4 on 15 $32.00
Brandon Wilson 2 on 12 $32.00

C Flight Winners
1st: Tony Stapley 33.2 $28.50
2nd: Paul Botting 35.0 $23.75
3rd: Blair Pollock 35.4 $19.00
4th: Lynn Finlayson 36.2 $14.25
5th: Doug McLaughlin 36.6 $9.50

C Flight Skins Winners
Tyler DeVos 4 on 11 $80.00

D Flight Winners
1st: Evan Dyer 29.0 $39.00
2nd: Rene Brajuha 29.9 $32.50
3rd: Adam Burgess 33.3 $26.00
4th: Ron Lawless 34.8 $19.50
T5th: Roy Douglas 35.1 $6.50
Cory Hamilton 35.1 $6.50

D Flight Skins Winners
Sebastien Garneau 3 on 15 $56.00
Brock Lowry 3 on 18 $56.00

50/50 Draw Winner: Jim Wolfe $43.00
Draw Prize Winners –Bistecca
$50 Gift Card – Rod MacDonald
$50 Gift Card – Cory Hamilton
$50 Gift Card – Gary Chambers

Ladies Day Results: Tues. June 25th
This Week’s Sponsor: No Frills

A Flight Winners
1st: Cindy Schmidt 32 $7.00
2nd: Barb Grubb 33 $5.00
T3rd: Debby Antler 34
Donna Murray 34
$2.00 each

A Flight Skins Winners
Debby Antler 4 on 7 $6.00
Barb Grubb 4 on 6 $6.00
Donna Murray 4 on 1 $6.00
B Flight Winners
1st: Susan Morrison 33 $7.00
T2nd: Janice Matchett 34 $4.50
Deb Pegg 34 $4.50

B Flight Skins Winners
Colette LePage 3 on 4, 5 on 7 $4.00
Janice Matchett 3 on 2, 4 on 6 $4.00
Deb Pegg 4 on 5 $2.00
Shirley Thomas 4 on 1 $2.00

C Flight Winners
1st: Christie DeGuzman 29 $7.00
T2nd: Cathy Chambers, Jean Rhude, Nancy Stewart 32
$3.00 each

C Flight Skins Winners
Christie DeGuzman 5 on 4 $7.33
Jean Rhude 3 on 3 $7.33
Diane Sutter 5 on 6 $7.33

D Flight Winners
1st: Shelly Pollock 26 $7.00
2nd: Bev Spence 27 $5.00
3rd: Heather Struthers 28 $4.00

D Flight Skins Winners
Bev Spence 4 on 1, 4 on 7, 3 on 8 $18.00
Heather Struthers 3 on 3 $6.00

E Flight Winners
1st: Jan Kelly 27 $7.00
T2nd: Edie Fotheringham, Diane Small 31 $4.50 each

E Flight Skins Winners
Edie Fotheringham 5 on 6 $5.00
Kristy Garneau 5 on 4 $5.00
Jan Kelly 6 on 9 $5.00
Ethel McDonald 4 on 1 $5.00
Diane Small 3 on 2, 5 on 7 $10.00
50/50 Draw Winner: Sandy Liddle - $29.50 club credit

Ladies Day Results: June 18, 2019
This Week’s Sponsor: InStyle Hair Studio – Shawna Small

A Flight Winners
1st: Denise Tighe 34 $7.00
2nd: Donna Murray 36 $5.00
T3rd: Barb Grubb 38
Maureen Peet 38

A Flight Skins Winners
Barb Grubb 4 on 13, 4 on 18 $7.20
Donna Murray 4 on 15 $3.60
Maureen Peet 5 on 11 $3.60
Denise Tighe 4 on 14 $3.60

B Flight Winners
Name Net Score Amount Won
T1st: Jeanette Bellan
Pat Emmerton 35 $6.00 each
3rd: Erin Kelly 37 $4.00

B Flight Skins Winners
Jeanette Bellan 4 on 18 $7.33
Erin Kelly 6 on 11 $7.33
Colette LePage 4 on 10 $7.33

C Flight Winners
1st: Cathy Chambers 34 $7.00
2nd: Alexis Gallant 35 $5.00
3rd: Sharon McKay 37 $4.00

C Flight Skins Winners
Cathy Chambers 3 on 12, 5 on 14 $8.00
Alexis Gallant 4 on 13, 4 on 15 $8.00
Nancy Turcotte 6 on 11 $4.00

D Flight Winners
1st: Wendy Gardner 34 $7.00
T2nd: Kristy Garneau 36 $4.50
Kathy Mackay 36 $4.50

D Flight Skins Winners
Norie Dickson 5 on 14 $4.00
Wendy Gardner 5 on 13 $4.00
Kristy Garneau 5 on 16 $4.00
Kathy Mackay 5 on 10, 6 on 11 $8.00
Heather Struthers 3 on 12 $4.00

E Flight Winners
1st: Bev Spence 30 $7.00
2nd: Jackie Mitchell 39 $5.00
T3rd: Carolyn Blenkinsop 43 $2.00
Jan Kelly 43 $2.00

E Flight Skins Winners
Edie Fotheringham 5 on 18 $2.29
Jackie Mitchell 5 on 16 $2.29
Norma Jean Rhody 5 on 15 $2.29
Bev Spence 5 on 12, 5 on 13, 5 on 14, 3 on 17 $9.16

50/50 Draw Winner: Barb Grubb - $29.50 on club credit
Draw Prize Winners – Thanks to InStyle Hair Studio – Shawna Small – for being tonight’s sponsor!
1. InStyle Product Package – Erin Kelly
2. InStyle Product Package – Cindy Schmidt
3. InStyle Product Package – Karen Neilipovitz
4. InStyle Gift Certificate – Judy Gordon
5. InStyle Gift Certificate – Jen Lawrie
6. InStyle Gift Certificate – Diane Sutter
7. InStyle Gift Certificate – Colette LePage
8. InStyle Gift Certificate – Sandy Petter
9. InStyle Brush & Samples – Michele Lanthier
10. InStyle Brush & Samples – Kristy Garneau

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